Always Spoiled, Never Rotten.





onlychild is a Los Angeles-based design studio specializing in branding and visual problem solving.

Here, we will take care of you as if you were our only child. That means we might give you too much attention or sometimes be a little overbearing, but you may just grow up to be creative, confident, and unique. Because who wants to be the neglected middle child anyway? :)



brand identity

logo design / visual identity / brand guidelines

digital + web design

website design / social media / email design / video GFX


collateral / stationary / invitations / merchandise / packaging + unboxing design / marketing / environmental.

presentation design

pitching decks / animated presentations / media kits

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Lina Cordero.png

Lina Cordero is a designer, photography lover, yogini and the head and heart behind onlychild. She likes to think of herself as a visual problem solver, a passion that has propelled her into senior branding and design engagements at media, fashion, technology, and entertainment companies with diverse global audiences. Lina is a graduate of the Roski School of Art and Design at USC and yes, she is an only child too.


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